Throw Blankets Are Hot 7 Surprising Ways To Use These Snuggly Home Accents

Dated: 12/24/2017

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These days, you can't click past a Pinterest page without glimpsing soft throw blankets arranged just so on the backs of couches, atop club chairs, and on the edges of beds. There's no getting away from these home accessories, which envelop a range of decor schemes, including farmhouse chic, cool contemporary, and Danish hygge in their plush coziness.

And getting on board with this nifty trend must be a snap, right? Can't anyone throw some fabric onto a chair?

It turns out, there's an art to using throw blankets in the home. We polled the pros to find out how to choose the right color, material, and design, plus tips for displaying your cozy throw with maximum style. Now let's unfold this so you can snuggle up faster!

1. Make them pop

Photo by Katerina Tana Design
The goal with a throw blanket is to add texture and warmth, as well as to introduce a complementary or coordinating shade to a room's color scheme. This accessory enhances your decor, so bring in a new hue as an accent or mix with existing ones, recommends Cathy Hobbs, an interior designer who's appeared on HGTV.

"Pick taupe, black, or charcoal gray for neutral color palettes and warm colors that pop like deep orange, mustard yellow, or a rich red," she adds.

But because patterns don't blend well in most rooms, stick with solid colors, says Mike Stewart, a real estate specialist in Vancouver, British Columbia.

2. Feel the weave

Photo by Gorgeous Creatures Australia

The fabric weave, that is. If you can swing it, alpaca is the ultimate in luxury throws.

"It's the ideal fabric because it's warm enough for winter but also lightweight for spring and summer," explains Hilary Nimons, owner of Alpaca Lifestyle & Apparel.

"It's as soft as cashmere, seven times warmer than sheep's wool, naturally hypoallergenic, and water-resistant," adds Liat Tzoubari, CEO of Sevensmith, a home decor company that sells artisan-made goods from around the world.

3. Warm up a bed

Photo by Serena & Lily

Bedroom throws can be folded horizontally at the foot of the bed, used as a bed runner, or draped along a bench where they're easily accessible. When it comes to these boudoir accessories, don't be afraid to opt for knitted blankets—they're in vogue, Hobbs says, both because knitting is back and hygge is huge.

"These chunky looks are plush, oversized, and incredibly cozy on the bed—and they'll incorporate that famous Danish sense of calm," she explains.

Faux fur is also great here and a fun way to soften a contemporary space. Try Belgian linen with fringe to balance a plush sofa, Nimons notes.

But don't use an old quilt or stuffed blanket as a throw, Stewart warns. "Thickness is your enemy, as is anything pilled or ragged-looking," he says.

4. Cover up worn furniture

Photo by For People design

Throw blankets can hide a multitude of home decor sins, including piles of pet fur, ripped fabric, and scratched furniture legs.

"If you can't bear to part with a beloved piece and upholstering isn't an option, the right throw can cover the problem as well as enhance the chair," points out Beverly Solomon of the eponymous design firm.

And if you're hoping to sell your home, a throw can actually work a little visual magic, too.

"A light-colored, thin throw can make dark, overstuffed furniture seem smaller, which makes the room look bigger," Stewart explains.

5. Switch them out regularly for a decor refresh

Much the way you swap out bedding and couch pillows each season, throw blankets can be an easy (and cheap) way to update your home decor. Change up your space for the holidays, for a new season, or just because, Nimons suggests.

Just make sure that when you swap out a throw, you clean it according to the manufacturer's directions and then fold it in tissue to store.

6. Take 'em outside

Photo by Susie Watson Designs
Of course, throw blankets are smart on porches and decks, too. They can amp up your outdoor style while being a practical accessory for those chilly nights.

Wool, in particular, is a great outdoor fabric.

"Look for traditional Navajo designs from the early 1900s, especially the ones with 'beaver stripes' or black stripes on one end," Solomon advises.

Just make sure you store them correctly. As with any outdoor furniture or accessory, you don't want your blankets ruined by the elements. Keep them in an airtight container outside or in a basket inside the door, experts recommend.

7. Drape, fold, or cascade

Believe it or not, there is a right way to arrange your throw blankets (no, you don't just toss one on a couch and call it a day). To drape or fold usually depends on the piece of furniture you have and the kind of material you're working with.

Dee Frazier of Decorating Den Interiors likes to drape a throw blanket over chairs and sofa, but she'll fold it waiter-style (lengthwise) for the end of a chaise or bed.

"Or try the cascade effect, which means draping the throw over the left or right side of a chair and let it fall down the back," she says.

Fur throws are meant to be messy, so drape these in a pile on ottomans, beds, and love seats. Fraizer also displays throws corner-style (folded lengthwise, then in half and angled on the corner edge of a seat cushion) and placed down the middle of a sofa or chair.

When throws aren't in use, keep them rolled up in a pretty basket or hang them on rungs on a bamboo or wooden ladder leaned against the wall.

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