Seasonal Tips For Selling Your Home

Dated: June 8 2020

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Tips for selling your home in the spring

The smell of fresh flowers and the start of warmer days lure buyers out of hibernation and into house hunting mode. Aspiring homeowners drop into their lender’s office to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Open house and for-sale signs start popping up in yards around your city.

It must be spring!

In many areas, spring is the hottest time to sell your home—the weather is one big driver, while the desire to get settled into a new home before the next school year starts is a major motivating factor for parents.

If you choose to sell in the spring, you’ll likely benefit from the natural surge in buyer demand, depending on the dynamics and conditions of your local real estate market.

But be aware that you’ll have more competition from other sellers on the block who have the exact same idea!


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Spring maintenance checklist to clean up from a harsh winter

  • Clear out the rain gutters to prepare for the wet season and prevent major water damage, which can be costly to repair and will come up in the home inspection.

  • Inspect and clean your siding to eliminate dirt and grime built up over the winter.

  • Test your AC unit—change out the air filter, and inspect it for any maintenance issues as the weather warms up.

Spring curb appeal tips that play to the freshness of the season

Spring house showing tips

  • Highlight spaces with light accent colors and place vases of fresh cut flowers out before showings.

  • If the warm weather allows, throw open a few windows to let the fresh air in—or at the very least open up the curtains to brighten up key rooms with natural light.

This simple prep will go a long way in convincing buyers that yours is the home they want to spend their summer in, and by letting your outdoor and indoor space shine, you’re making it that much easier for them to picture that future.

Tips for selling your home in the summer

Summer isn’t too shabby of a season to sell a home either, especially since some of those spring listings might take time to sell.

Summer’s also a great time to sell if you find yourself living in a unique market, like Florida—or really any place with a lot of seasonal tourism.

Real estate agent Steve Bacardi of southwest Florida is a top seller with 40 years of experience—and he knows a thing or two about when the homes sell best.

“For families,” he says, “summer is the best time. Families only buy in summer, so kids are all settled when it comes time to start school.”

A good weather forecast can also help summer homes sell, since this time of year (much like spring) shows off a property’s outdoor features.

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Summer home maintenance checklist to beat the heat

  • Wash the windows! After a long winter season, windows will be dirty—but we don’t want your buyer to see that. Cleaning the windows doesn’t have to be a paid job or even a long grueling task. With a little time and elbow grease, you can polish windows and glass doors up nicely just in time for showings.

  • Clean up the driveway and patio. Driveways and porches also tend to hold a lot of sand and debris after winter and spring. Take a broom and brush clean all the walkways and corners—and any other spaces your buyer might see as they walk in.

  • Inspect and wipe down your exterior doors. Check your front door (as well as other doors) for signs of wear and tear, and address those problems before you list the house.

  • Check your sprinkler system and make needed repairs. Not only will a home inspector note whether the sprinkler system is in working order, but vegetation in your yard will suffer if it’s not getting the water it needs in the hotter months.

Summer curb appeal tips to highlight your home’s outdoor space

If you decide to sell in summer, you’ll want to make sure your home’s curb appeal is at the top of its game.

Says Bacardi, “The first few seconds of visualization of the house sets the tone for buyer—poor landscaping and dead grass sets connotation for viewing of home. Inside the home could be spectacular, but if curb appeal isn’t good it won’t matter.”

  • Spruce up the exterior, and stage it too! Decorate with some plants on the front porch, and throw a few chairs or a bench near the entrance to create a cozy atmosphere. Add in a pitcher of lemonade or a vase of flowers on a bistro table, or place a plant and a garden hat by the backdoor as a vignette staging technique.

  • Fix up bare spots in the yard and make sure your grass is a brilliant green. Use Scott’s PatchMaster from Lowe’s to fill in any dirt patches, water any brown spots and mow the lawn in neat rows before buyers come.

  • Repair your fence. Buyers with kids and pets don’t want to take on the extra expenses of adding or replacing a fence, so a beat up fence could turn them away. Plus, a well-maintained and attractive fence adds major curb appeal bonus points.

Summer house showing tips

  • Crank down the temperature inside before showings. You don’t want buyers to work up a sweat when they tour your home and wonder if they’ll be able to make it through the scorching months to come. Crank up the AC a few hours before a showing to get the interior feeling nice and cool.

  • Offer light refreshments during showings. Bottles of water on the counter labeled for the taking, or placed in the fridge with a note inviting buyers to grab one, can be a friendly touch. Parched and weary home hunters who are on their third tour of the day as summer reaches fever pitch will be sure to appreciate the gesture.

Whatever you can do to make the exterior of your home shine (and stage it like the ultimate summer retreat) will go a long way with the summer buyer.

Although many cities experience a great selling season during the summer, some of the top ones are in regions like central California, the Pacific Northwest, and the Northeast.

Universal tips to sell your home in any season

Top real estate agents who’ve sold homes in rain or shine, blizzards and heat waves, and upturns and downturns stand by a few universal rules of thumb in any season:

Nail these basics and top it all off with the right seasonal maintenance and curb appeal prep work, and you’ll be putting the “sold” sign in your yard before you know it.


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